Artist: Basil Wolverton
Title: Space Hawk
Format: Comic
Genre: Science Fiction
License: Public Domain in the United States
Attribution: Space Hawk by Basil Wolverton, published by Novelty Press beginning in 1940.
Download Link: Compilation from Comic Book Plus , Another compilation from Comic Book Plus, The character's first appearance.

Basil Wolverton is perhaps best known for his contributions to Mad Magazine, but his grotesque, intricately detailed Comic Books from the early 1940s are among his best work. Space Hawk was the subject of many of those comics, he’s a typical, square jawed Space Fighter, who says little and punches often. He lives in a world of beautiful, complicated, disgusting plants, animals, and aliens, and I want to hang nearly every panel of this comic on my wall.

Spacehawk made the following Public Domain appearances:

  • Target Comics vol. 1 #5-12
    • vol. 2 #1-12
      • vol. 3 #1-10
  • Blue Bolt Comics (1940) vo1. #3
  • Blue Bolt Comics (1949 series) #106-110(re-print)
  • Blue Bolt Weird Tales of Terror #113
  • Eerie Tales #15

Most of these individual issues are available from Comic Book Plus, as are several Compilations. I love the character of Space Hawk so much that I started making Space Hawk Action Figures, and selling my own restored reprints of the Space Hawk Comic.

Just look at that art!

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